Michael Schumacher wins at Imola. Pit stops played a major role in Michael Schumacher's win at San Marino today. Mika Hakkinen came out in front from the first pit stop but Schumacher managed to stay out longer before his second stop which was super quick. Hakkinen was second, followed by team mate David Coulthard, with Rubens Barrichello coming in fourth. The Scotsman was held up by Barrichello for most of the race, before gaining a position during the second pitstop in an aggressive overtaking manoeuvre in the pit lane. The gap between the front two drivers going into the final lap was only 1.8 seconds. The gap at the flag was only 1.1 seconds as Hakkinen made a last-minute charge for the line. This was Schumacher's third successive victory this season and the tifosi were delighted.

Of the rest Williams, Jordan and Prost saw both drivers retire from the race, but there was joy for BAR and Sauber when Villeneuve finished fifth, followed by Salo in sixth. Irvine was seventh just outside the points. A loose plank underneath Hakkinen's car could cloud the result as it was touching the floor at times. David Coulthard was disqualified from the Brazilian Grand Prix after the end plates of his front wing shifted and were 2mm outside the tolerance allowed by the FIA.
1 Schumacher M Ferrari 10
2 Hakkinen McLaren 6
3 Coulthard McLaren 4
4 Barricello Ferrari 3
5 Villeneuve BAR 2
6 Salo Sauber 1
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1 Schumacher M Ferrari 30
2 Barricello Ferrari 9
3 Fisichella Benetton 8
4 Hakkinen McLaren 6
5 Schumacher R Williams 6
6 Villeneuve BAR 5
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1 Ferrari 39
2 McLaren 10
3 Benetton 8
4 Jordan 7
5 Williams 7
6 BAR 6
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